Leon art shape gallery

This picture has + and - shapes. The blue eye and the black triangle are the good.The eye stands out and the red background with the white lines represents the evil, the negative shape.
This picture is full of rectilinear lines. Everywhere there are liner and angular corners in this piece of art. Everywhere there are lines at each angle.
This picture represents geometric shape because of its shapes in this triangle form. Many different shapes are seen by this figure from top to bottom.
This picture represents organic shape because of the black/blue skynight with the blazing bright moon. I find this to be the opposite since the moon is yellow.
This picture represents abstract shape. Because this blossom picture is going away to say. Like theres multiple version of the blossom.All these blossoms makes one big blossom.
The curves on this picture represents curvilinear shape.Because of its curves and smooth edges. Like on the bridge, it has a smooth curve and on the other side too. The edges on the town looks great.
This picture represents non-objective shape. I see the circles just drawn there in their original form. Not in 3D picture. Just laying there as nothing is going on.
This represents High definition. Reason why is the clarity on this painting. The shapes tells us what's going on and the clouds indicates the weather thats in the background
This would be low finition because this could be many things. In my opinion, its a big brother chasing his little brother in the night. In the terrible weather.
This picture represents representational shape. The outline on this man can be seen as a 3D image. But also a 2D image.Also the outfit the man has really brings it out.
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