jacob ennis 

art color gallery

Primary Triadi there are circle, half triangles. primary colors. It looks like there is a peackack
Secondary Triadic there circles rectangles. It like it trying to mix the 1800 to 2015 with the headphone and it look like a old jacket.
Tertiary Triadic the colors are red, white, yellow It remind me of heat sensor. The human shape I don't know what it is a circle head.
Tetradic orange, red, blue, white. Circles lines there is one shape that I can't remember. It a house something on it back a bag but it looks like there's feet from a human
Analogous orange, yellow, blue, purple, red, black. Lines. It looks like a lake and trees in the back ground.
Complementary green blue red black white orange. Circle shapes lines squares. people having fun on a beach.
Split-Complementary green brown yellow blue. squares triangle lines. A summer house in the woods.
Warm rectangle squares lines. yellow brown white black red. A guest room.
Cool blue brown yellow red black green. triangle circle diamonds.A girl on a chair.
Monchromaric yellow blue black white brown. circle square lines. Dogs by kichien table.
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