A Vision of Beauty

This gallery will include some of nature’s creatures and crisp sceneries and landscapes that represent the beauty of the world. Gallery created by: Shelby L. Hill 

This is a street art piece that was created between 2012 and 2013 by BINHO RIBEIOR. The subject of this is bold and texturized nature. I was drawn to this piece because of how bold the colors, lines and textures that were used to create the unified piece.
This artwork is by Severin Roesen and depicts a beautiful floral and fruit piece with a river landscaped in the background. I chose this piece because I think the flowers and fruir are beautiful and bright.
This is a piece by Pieter Bruegel and was created Ca.1525-1569. This piece has earthy tones and really captures the essence of the people of its time. I was drawn to this particular art for its earthiness.
This abstract piece is by Richard Diebenkorn. It depicts beach scenery with many dull tones and bright tones to balance out the painting. I was drawn to this because it took me back to my childhood in one glance.
This is by Ladislav Mednyanszky and was created 1880-1885. This is the edge of a river bank with flowers in bloom. I was drawn to the pale tones in this painting. even though the colors aren't bright, it feels so vibrant.
This piece is by Giovanni Segantini and was created in 1893-1894. I chose this for my gallery because it captures the true beauty of nature and all of its wonders, a man and his cattle. This caught my eye because where I live, this is all I see for miles.
This piece is by Vincent Van Gogh and was created in 1889. The Starry Night is my absolute favorite piece of artwork to date. This painting has beautiful dark blue and light blue tones with yellow, white and visible black. The rough swirl patterns always catch my eye. I chose this piece for my gallery because I feel it’s a beautiful depiction of nature.
Another piece by Vincent Van Gogh created in 1853-1890. this painting depicts a couple walking through a forest of trees with an overgrowth of wild flowers and weeds. This painting caught my eye for the vague lines of the tall grass and flowers and the way the trees don’t line up in each row. I chose this for my nature gallery because It depicts true nature.
This painting was done by Kerstiaen De Keuninck in 1605-1610 and I chose it for my nature gallery because of the bold greens and browns, the mountain/cliff and the animals that tie in the nature. Then off in the distance, you see a bigger mountain with a waterfall. This originally caught my eye because of the bold green tones the artist used.
This painting is by Eugene Delacroix created in 1849. This landscape depicts a field of trees and hills. I like that the colors are muddled together to create a wispy and soft painting. My initial thought of this painting was it had a lot of darker tones but as a whole the painting was still bright and beautifu, which is why I chose it for my gallery.
Credits: All media
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