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Random works I like 

This work of art signifies both oppression and freedom. The artist does by leaving the body in the cage oppressed and the mind to wander and be free to think how you want. This is significant because the artist is from Budapest in a time where you did not have the freedom to do what you wanted. There is always freedom of the mind. I also think that the way the artist crafted this piece of artwork was simple but effective.
This picture immediately caught my eye. I think it is because of all the detail and the face of the painting. I like the way the artist used the reds and the browns to make this interesting piece of artwork.
This piece of art caught my eye. I think that the hint of humor in the face of this serious situation is awesome. This allows the artist to reach out to the people. I also find that the contrast in colors and the vibrant colors used are very eye catching.
This is a very interesting piece. I appreciate the contrast of the color and the different shapes and curves used. I also, like to think that the artist was trying to capture the human version of the swan in this picture. The woman has the narrow chin and the long neck like the swan.
Starry night,a classic. I can say so much about the texture, color and the style of this picture. I find that when staring at this picture it reminds me of looking up at the stars. This makes me feel relaxed and calm.
To me this signifies good trumps evil and woman power. This artist used more dark tones and colors to signify the importance of the scene. They did not have to use bright colors to catch the attention of the viewer.
This is a piece that honestly brings me back to my time in New York. I remember going through the streets and seeing these art works on buildings and wondering how they could be so intricate and get on the buildings? I like the way the artist portrayed the way graffiti artists paint over each other and it turns into art.
This is a classic Egyptian art piece. This statue shows how the women were viewed in Egyptian culture as a person to be seen and not heard, always to stand by the man. The power and statue of the man is emphasized by his height and his posture as well as his left foot forward.
This picture makes me think. So much is going on yet there is not vibrant pops of color. To me this signifies waiting while the world is passing you by. That is signified by the pictures that the woman is looking at. Also, this could be seen as missed opportunities. The woman is not seen in any of the pictures. She waited while she could have been enjoying life.
This work of art I choose because it caught my eye. The vibrant blues and the greens that are used. I also noticed the head that was eating the pray and the female lion was fighting for it. To me this signifies that people are encroaching on the territory of animals and taking their pray.
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