Use of Color & Contrast in Paintings - Christopher Chaves

This gallery shows representations of the use of color to create contrast and separation within paintings.

In this painting we see a lady leaned against a wooden fence. The artist doesn’t use harsh lines to create the different objects we see. Instead everything is separated using color. The white umbrella is contrasted by the dark grass. Her dark headpiece and jacket create a contrast within the image as does the different shades of green in the grass.
In this painting we see many people surrounded by Chairman Mao. This painting is full of color.To separate Mao from everyone else, he has a white glow around him. Everyone is smiling and having a good time. Everyones wardrobe is bright. The background appears to be painted much lighter than the foreground where everyone is. There is much contrast in detail. The elements closer to the foreground have outlines whereas the background has blending colors.
In the image there’s a car crash. A software engineer named Tim was racing and crashed his Ferrari. We learn this from the "Hello" magazine on the bottom left corner. The artwork is full of color. However the color red is most emphasized. The red Ferrari is the same shade as the man's blood but different than the firemen jackets. This creates a separation between the rich and wealthy tech guru and the honest hard working firemen. Tim is the brightest subject in the image. He is what our eyes lock onto before we notice his wife standing behind him.
The painting shows Brazil’s architecture. There are no harsh black lines used to separate the buildings. Instead they’re all different colors. The bright buildings are contrasted by the dark blue sky and causing them to pop in the image. The water uses different shades of blues and greens to show the different levels in the water. There’s even white used to show the current splashing against the rocks.
This is a very abstract image. It’s broken into three different sections. The far left looks as if the people are dancing, the middle section appears to have an animal licking a woman’s face, and the right has a group of people pulling on a rope. It’s difficult to make out exactly what everyone is doing. There are three colors that are emphasized in this piece. Red, orange, and green pop the most. Within each frame there are different colors. Orange is emphasized throughout all three frames. Except for red being in only the middle frame and green being in the same and the right frame.
In this painting, we see people enjoying their day at the park. What makes this piece very interesting is rather than having the foreground elements brighter than other areas in the image, it’s instead darker. These people are perhaps underneath a tree resting in the shade. The image uses a lot of shadows to help emphasize the sunny day. This adds a nice contrast to the image. Some people enjoy the sun while others rest in the shade. There’s a slight difference in color, most of the people in the sun are wearing clothes with red or orange whereas those in the shade are wearing darker clothing.
The Arrival of Louis XIV is a painting done by Adam-Frans der Meuelen. In the painting we see a man riding a horse towards a palace. He stands out in the foreground wearing a blue coat and hat with red feathers. Not only does he stand out in his elegant wardrobe but so does his horse. The other men are camouflaged within the painting wearing brown coats.
In this image we see people gathering at a large hall. The painting uses shadows to create depth in the image. The left sides of the arches have shadows where as the other side is bright. The wardrobe is vibrant compared to the rest of the painting. People closer to the foreground are much brighter than those in the background.
In the painting we see an army marching. There are multiple subjects in the image but the most important is the man on the chariot. It takes up most of the image and while he wears the same colors as his army, he stands out because he is standing in the bronzed colored chariot and is placed in the center. The activity going on in the foreground is painted with more vibrant colors than those in the background causing depth.
This is a painting of a festival going on at the Palazzo Barberini. There is a use of select colors. It appears the strongest colors in the image are red, blue, and gold. The people in the festival are the most vibrant. The people in the stands are are portrayed to be darker than those int he parade. There is a very clear separation between those in the carnival and those in the stands.
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