bright colors of the art world

The brightness of art that tells a story.

The use of bright colors in the night sky really lights up the painting. The sky is so bright it seems to illuminate the sleepy town below.
With the artists use of bright colors you can tell that this was a bright sunny day on the beach.
The artist had lighter colors around the edges of the painting. The true brightness of the painting shows on the turtles. The artist made it seem like light was coming through a window to shine on the scene.
The vibrant colors are everywhere in this painting. From the background to the foreground. The only thing that isn't bright about this painting is the mood.
This is a painting of a bright beautiful tree and the sparkling blue water below it.
The bright green foliage lets us know that the forest is alive and everywhere. Even the trees are not a dark color.
This piece is a bright metaphor for something I'm sure. But what it means exactly? I haven't a clue. I do enjoy the look and feel of this painting though.
This is a bright and beautiful landscape. It seems to be in a field that is being cultivated during midday.
This piece is bright for the tone that I think it is trying to portray. I think the artist may have been dancing around a problem in his life.
This looks like a bright dream. The colors illuminate the entire painting giving the viewer the ability to see all that is happening in the painting.
The bright sunny background and the joyous trumpet player gives this painting a feeling of joy.
The bright horizon illuminates the scene. Giving a warm light to land below.
A warm day at the shipyard. The bright colors are on all the boats even in the distant background. That shows what the artist wants you to be focused on.
The bright colors illuminate the tranquil parts of this painting. The sky and the city below the mountain. The darker parts are almost a sign of potential danger. The smoke and the mountain/volcano.
The warmth of the sunlight in this picture lights up the cannon below.
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