Kelsey's Elements 

I chose this picture for line because the lines are different thicknesses
this photograph i picked for line because all the trees are lines going in one derection
this artist used very bold colors and put complimentary colors next to each other which makes it pop
i chose this photo foe color because of her costume has mostly one color but there are difernt shades of that color
this artest used shape curatively with the shape of the head with different triangles
this artist showed different sizes of shapes
i picked this peice of art for form because the way they used shadows and highlights of the bowl and pitcher and eggs
this photo represents form by the balls look 3D because the highlighted area is on the top and the shadow is in the bottom
this art uses texture in the bottom half because it has layers on layers
I chose this photo because of the pettlse with the spots go from light to dark and the shadow behind the flower
this artist really shows space by having the buildings go from large to small and the river goes from wide to narrow
i chose this photo because the houses are about the same size in the front and the further away the the house get smaller
Credits: All media
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