What brought me into the art work was all of it's details. It has many small line in the same order all over the painting. It looks like it would have taken years to make. It's interesting how he had that time.
What took my interest in this painting was the background. It is very life-like, in the way that it looks as if you and taken a photo and painted on top of it. I like the realisum in the womans dress and how it looks like it is in mid motion.
What I loved about this painting was the light and shading. The sun on the sea makes the water a lovely light blue and the ground a nice tan. The man walking down the path has a shadow following it.
What made me like this picture was the emotion. The little girl has a look of love in her eyes as she is hugging the dog. And the dog has a happy look on it's face. Along with the background this is a sweet painting.
Credits: All media
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