Alyanna Reyes

Balance This work of art has symmetrical balance since both sides of the art is evenly weighted and distributed.
Repetition The artwork has a pattern that is repeated in every line. The pattern is very predictable and is used over and over but with different colors.
Emphasis The focal point of the painting is the man in the foreground who appears to be screaming and attracts the attention of the viewer at first glance.
Unity This painting has unity because of the repeated use of the color green and the theme of nature. Everything seems to belong.
Proportion The man in the foreground is larger than the people in the background so he is proportional to his surroundings.
Variety Variety is represented in this painting in the different textures the artist uses on the clouds in the background and the horse in the foreground.
Movement Movement is represented in the man picking apples and the people picking apples up from the ground and placing them in their baskets.
Credits: All media
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