Taylor cole

color schemes 

The top is a fancy painting with a ballerina looking fella on a stone. this is a triadic color scheme.
Imperial fritillaries in a copper vase is painting that has color moving from light to dark. this is a complementary color scheme.
The exotic birds, african dream series is a painting that is very simple. it has two color schemes involved in it. The background being monochromatic and the bowl in the painting has all warm colors
Monochromatic plum blossoms is a very fancy painting that involves branches and many little lines. this painting has a monochromatic color scheme. It goes from white to gray to black.
Mont Sainte- victoire and chateau noir is a painting with a background with an outdoor theme. This painting has a color scheme of cool colors
Peintur et conte- jour 3 is a painting with a lot of lighting and one color changing in each little section. This painting is a Analogous color scheme
Credits: All media
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