THe Change Of Innocence Seen by Youth and Setting

The gallery contains themes or looks of innocence. The theme of The Catcher In Rye is innocence and these photos and pieces of artwork contain them. Whether its the innocence of a child or the innocent look of a calm setting

The children sit on the rock looking over their town and how big it looks from where standing as opposed to being in the town making it seem so small.They are not knowing that the world is much bigger and as children become exposed to the world, their innocence and look on the world changes.
In this painting, we see a figure looking out onto the water of the island. The innocent look of serenity and calm coming off of this painting because of the smooth and light colors and the look of serenity.
In this painting, we see a group of children "playing". While the other children watch the single one facing them is staring at them. In a way it may remind the onlooker of a child coming to terms of growing up and losing their innocence and childlish ways.
In this photograph, we see four children.They seem to look like they are waiting for someone or something and they are depending on each other. They seem to be lost. Maybe they were in a time of war and maybe the amount of war they have seen has changed them and made them mature.
The little girl hugging her mother with the sad expression has just begun to know how bad the world is ,from probably getting hurt, while the oldest sister on the side with her blank expression seems to know her world is changing. These examples of innocence being lost
The mother watches as her two children play maybe knowing that one day their once innocent and wonder filled days will be gone by corruption and battles (hence the fighting over the staff with the cross on it) and the world around them becoming confusing
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