elements of art

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Haley 

The lines in this art work have various directions and over lap each other creating a fore and background. The lines also are all different shapes, the lines bend and go horizontal and vertical.
This artwork has many different measures of rectangles and squares. The shapes make the picture interesting. The shapes are 2D but when they are together, like in the picture, they look 3D.
the artist used form in this piece by using shadows to make it 3D. This is an organic shape.
The artist uses texture in this because when you look at it, it looks bumpy and soft. The artwork its self looks fuzzy and oily like colored pencils would feel.
The color in this artwork contrasts with the black hair and body making the colors more vibrant. The colors the artist used are yellow, blue,orange, pink, and red.
This artwork shows value by having a verity of different values from the scale to make up the shadows and then the darkest value to create the sky.
This artist used lost of space. There is a lot of negative space and then between each drawing has a space between it so they do not touch.
Credits: All media
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