This Gallery contains various Oil paintings on canvas, each different interpretations of nature. The selected paintings were chosen based off of emphasis on color, spatial perspective, and depth.

This painting by Joseph Wright shows one of he frightening sides of nature, the eruption of the Vesuvius with a view over the island in the bay of Naples. While this composition portrays both intense and vivid colors with the focus on the eruption with clouds of ash, this is contrasted by the distant view of a pleasant sky and calm oceans.
The dance of the nymphs by Camile Corot depicts a soft landscape with a glowing ambiance and a great use of color and contrast. The use of light focuses the attention on the center of the painting where several characters are seen dancing, almost silhouetted against the sky and the trees.
The two watermills by Jacob Van Ruisdael is a very pleasant scene full of lush green foliage, flowing water and mixed skies with some precipitation off in the distance. The painting displays a blend of full, warm and natural colors. In addition, the scene gains further perspective and depth through the use of lighting.
The first painting in this gallery is The Mill by Rembrandt van Rijn. This painting displays a charming landscape with hazy colors and the mill overlooking the lake below. The sky is dotted with clouds and patches of blue while contrasting the warm, inviting landscape with a slightly ominous storm.
George Inness' painting The Lackawanna Valley features a vast rolling landscape merged with the modernization of an evolving world. This painting does a great job with perspective; the elements seem layered in such a way it adds a realistic depth to the viewer, making it feel as if you were on the hill, overlooking the range below.
One of the more well-renowned paintings by Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night is a beautiful representation of a quiet town accented by a crescent moon and smooth radiant stars above. The addition of the flamelike cypress tree really breaks up the landscape and adds another element, providing depth, while aided by the combination of color and contrast.
The Olive Trees by Vincent van Gogh features a grove of Olive trees on a hazy moonlit night, while the moon sits behind the clouds. This painting is one of 17 others made by van Gogh during his stay in Saint Rémy-de-Provence. This painting can almost be seen as a compliment to the starry night, as it features the dynamic and broad brush strokes, with a use of colors true to his style.
Although the subject of this painting is not strictly nature, the color, depth and perspective make this a great addition to the Nature gallery. The Road Menders by Vincent Van Gogh depicts village workers in the fall under a row of large plane trees as the repave the streets of Saint-Rèmy. This is another classic painting synonymous of Van Gogh's Impasto style, featuring dynamic brush strokes and deep colors.
Werner Holmberg's painting, Road to Häme is a stunning oil on canvas landscape filled with multiple layers of detail and realistic lighting. The painting is a composite of sketches by Holmberg, and depicted in the scene is a wagon traveling down a winding road. Vibrant and rich foliage fill the canvas, paired with the range and Lake visible in the hazy distance.
This painting by Caspar David Friedrich is as symbolic as it is remarkable. The composition displays a relatively eerie moonlit night with fog surrounding the landscape. A character is seen walking towards a set of stones, as the wind appears to wave the trees. This painting reflects a cold moonlit night and through the use of smooth lighting, contrast, and color it gives the scene a realistic depth.
Credits: All media
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