elements of art

This is my introduction to the principles to art.

This is an example of COLOR. Color is made up out of light. In order for ourselves to see color there has to be light. Different colors and shades of colors are represented in this landscape painting.
This is an example of SPACE. Space is objects around you or surroundings. This is an example of a deep, negative space that is representing death with skulls.
This is an example of TEXTURE. Texture is what or how things or surfaces feel. This element relates with nature. The sand dunes near the shore of the beach looks realistic and very texturized/complex.
This is an example of SHAPE. Shape is geometric, simplistic, and complex shapes that form into 3-D figures. This flying fish has complex and geometric shapes that are difficult to form like the animal
This is an example of LINE. Line is strokes that are straight, curvy, winding, and that have different lengths and sizes. This painting helps build the harbor with different lines like the wall.
This is an example of FORM. Form is 3-D objects. The density in this example looks heavy and you can maneuver around it and examine all of the sculpture at different angles.
This is an example of VALUE. Value is 3-D objects added with dark and light shades. This includes personification and realistic images. Human hands and a crocodile are combined together with shadows.
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