elements of art

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These lines are are vertical, they are all the identical to the same shape and length. The lines are all thick and fade away at the bottom of the painting.
This painting is completely filled with all circles, small circles, big circles, circles within others. The main focus and shape in this artwork is circles
The forms in this painting are free handed, there are no cubes or exact shapes. This shows more of the bulb of the flower looking 3-D, the butterfly, the basket etc.
The value in this image is very light on the pathway, but up in the air where there are many trees the value is very dark. In other places the value varies relating to the shadows.
The texture of this artwork is on the face very soft looking, like a rope with fuzz. The actual texture of the image looks to be smooth, but rough at the same time because the artwork is done on canvas.
In this painting there is many colors, there is red, yellow, black, brown, beige. They are all in rectangles and mostly outlined with black paint.
In this artwork there is over 50% blank space. There is also blank space between lines in the apple.
Credits: All media
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