Civil War Life

These artworks give a look and insight into the way life was during the civil war. This album uses art forms such as photography. This was the first major war to ever be documented with photography. The album highlights the despair people feel during wartime. It also highlights the joys that come with it. Displaying the soldiers and communities pride and support for each other. The album documents a turning point in history for western civilization. Slavery was the big issue of the time and it had split a nation. The technology was rapidly changing. Techniques and war strategy were also quickly changing. Some of these artworks incorporate the technology that was used during the period. The Gallery tries to give an honest depiction of the war and the realities that come with it.

The artwork describes the pride that the solders felt during the war. Prideful enough to fly their colors high. It applies to the whole movement because it signifies our strong pride today.
This photo portrays the lengths the rebels were willing to go through to slow down the opposition. It also shows the type of destruction that was brought on by the Civil War.
This newspaper photo describes the feeling of the the town. The kids and the community are rallying behind the troops.
This photo brings out the realities of war. It shows despair with the lifeless bodies laying on the ground. It seems like the path next to the bodies leads to nowhere. It almost seems endless just like the war.
This photo represents the reality of the civil war in what the union solders were fighting for. It gives us a little insight on what exactly slaves were willing to go through to get their freedom. This type of picture is also rare in that slaves were normally kept out of photos.
The typical living quarters for a solider. This work shows the boredom the solders faced during downtime. It could also be a sign that they missed their own homes. the lighting in the work seems to give it a bright outlook verses dark and gloomy.
This photo represents the pride of the solider. It differs from the first work that also represent pride in that the flag is torn here. It signifies the long road the solider has been on.The artist is getting the same point across but the first work does not look as bleak as this one.
The men working on this ironclad have a look of desperation. it seems like the work is just dragging on.This photo also displays the level of technology and how the civilization is progressing.
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