Music In Life

This is a collection of musical culture in life represented with bright vibrant cultures and images of musical celebrations.

This picture is of a group singing and playing music either on a roof of some sort. My elements of this gallery that are present are color and music. The clothing is bright with a bright blue well lit sky. The bright skies help show the vibrancy of life in music and music in life.
This is a photograph of a musical, theatrical performance in Asia. The use of color and light design in these performances help accentuate the emotions of the music. Notice who gets the lighter lighting to be the focal points and who get the colored and shaded lighting as supporting roles.
Here we have a photograph of a group of musicians playing in the streets with a growing crowd gathering. This photograph found its way into my collection because it shows the power of musical influence in everyday life. Small shows like this keep the art of sharing music for all to enjoy alive.
This is a painting of a musical celebration. In this picture there are hundreds, playing sing and dancing all together with joy. The use of several colors keeps the eye moving around. This image has the least space but still remains true to having bright vibrant color and musicians playing music for celebration.
This is a limited edition postal stamp honoring Latin drummer Tito Puente. In this image of the legendary drummer, there is a bright red, orange background resembling his passion and love. We see more of his passion for his music in his great big smile while playing his snare drum.
This is another limited edition postal stamp by the United States Postal Service. This stamp is honoring the Latin singer Celia Cruz. Unlike the Tito stamp her background is a bright yellow resembling vibrant energy. As we see her passionately singing her heart out. There is a clear demonstration of color and music here.
In this painting the scene depicted is that of The Three Kings traveling to see the newborn Jesus. Although this image is slightly more faded than the others in the collection I picked it because there's still a wide variety of color present as well as we always seem to see royalty with some type of music corps to emphasize their greatness.
This is a painting of two great musicians playing together on stage. The two musicians are, Bruce Springsteen (guitar), and Alejandro Escovedo (singer). This scene has a great example of color used to show the emotion of a person. With Alejandro being painted with normal skin color and Bruce in red and yellow showing his passion and energy for the music he is playing.
This painting depicts a scene where we have a few musicians, a crowd clapping along, and a beautiful woman in a vibrant dress dancing. The dancer and guitar player have matching outfits that contrast and still very well compliment each other, both being so vibrant that they stand out above all else in this scene.
This last image is a photograph of a concert at Holland Festival. Here there are two main lead musicians front and center on the stage, and a large and diverse band behind them. The use of lighting here really gives the performers power. The two main musician are well lit at all times, yet the big band that has a big sound have the ominous shadow look that really gives them the appeal of one whole unit.
Credits: All media
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