Art elements

Color- Color is being used because it gives high and low intensities of a color. There are many different types of dark and light blues, yellows, and more.
Value- is used because it goes to from dark and light parts of the artwork.
Shape- is used because its a 2D area and doesn't have any depth. Its also an organic shape because it refers to items found in nature.
Line- is used a lot in this artwork. It shows many people, the waves in the water, the tents for the people, and the boats.
Form- is used in this artwork because the coffin has height, weight, and depth and its shown in this piece. It shows a 3D form too.
Texture-is used because it tries to show how the hare feels. The artist of this painting wants you to think of how soft and furry it would be when touched. This is implied texture.
Space- is used in this artwork because around the object there is negative space not containing anything else.
Credits: All media
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