symmetry in art. symmetry is art.

Art can still be art even when it is able to be cut have and look exactly the same as the other half. Art can be even more beautiful when you have to half's that look exactly the same through how much detail is on both half's and their color in the symmetry. 

The First art peace shows the exact definition of symmetry. You can cut the sculpture in half and you will find the same exact detail in both half's of the sculpture .
symmetry is in everything even our furniture and appliances. If you think about it art create furniture and furniture is art. Just other types of furniture are more creative then others.
This chair is a perfect example of furniture turning into art. for a normal chair would not look like this to be perfectly symmetrical.
For appliances this bot or urn has became a work of art through its symmetrical designs on it.
This painting is of a chair and furniture its self and still the whole painting is symmetry. Even for a chair being painted on a paper symmetry has made it a beautiful picture through the designs.
Even in buildings and architecture there is symmetry and people and artists have created art that has turned into buildings just through the style of symmetry.
clothing has also taken up a huge part of symmetry through the designs on dresses or shirts. A lot of people wanted to where these designs. Or did they really just want to where art its self?
In paintings the dresses would have symmetrical patterns on them to express this art style.
Every day things would become a work of art just through there symmetrical patters like this peace of textile. This would even encourage curtains to have these beautiful patterns on them.
Even carpets had the beauty of symmetrical patterns on them and this tells you that symmetrical art has really had a huge part in our life.
Even in painting that did not mean to be symmetrical you can find parts of the paintings are symmetrical. for example the building in the background with the trees.
Even this painting has a hint of symmetry in it even when the detail is not symmetrical.
Another example of hint of symmetry is in this painting. The symmetrical plants show a hint of symmetry. Which proves that symmetry has had a huge part in our paintings as well.
Even in the Egyptian pieces a lot have had to do with symmetry.
Even when they don't try to be symmetrical they were basing there sculptures and art work off of symmetry.
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