He [Francesco Rustici] is able to smooth the the different values. Mary Magdalene has a strong contracts from the background which give her a glow. She looks realistic because Rustici has a light score which shows his where the light and dark values should be.His attention to proportion also plays a roll in making her realistic.

The squares around the disc cause your eyes to move around the artwork. The lines in the center also bring your eyes in making the work balanced.
Rijn has created a nice contrasted between the colors.With the contrast you can see the mane focus of the artwork.
Arcimboldo has created a sense of form with his value changes. You can see where the light is coming from.
Rubens used the rule of thirds to place Daniel where the viewer's eyes will always go to him. Also the lions around Daniel are lighter then the thing far form him.
Elder is able to take the viewer's eyes around the artwork with the different colors he uses.
Heem uses a lot of contrast. with the back drop being black it brings out the colors of the flowers.
Vinci crates balance in this artwork by curing the feather and the plant to guide the viewer's eyes around the work.
Heda creates forms with the different value changes. He is able to chach the views eyes.
Tour created good forms by blending the values together.He also use the rule of thirds to keep the artwork balanced.
Rijn used a lot of detail on the dress to bring the viewer's focus to the women. He used a lot of patters to create the detail.
Grien used lines to create the different value changes. Where the people are placed cause your eyes to look around the artwork.
Homer also uses the rule of thirds to create balance. He creates from by using value changes.
Dimitrakopoulos creates a amazing contrast. The brown wall in the back ground helps the women stand out.Also the lies on the dress brings the viewer's eyes back to the top.
Smet uses a lot of patter to fill up the space. But it dose not over power the flowers.The flowers have a good contrast between each other.
Carr has good contrast between the objects and creates form with different value changes like the dress.
Van Gogh has created contrast with the black background and brown table cloth that cause to tan pages to pop out.
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