Annabel lee

Inspired by the poem of Edgar Allan Poe; Annabel Lee. A collection of various pieces representing love through history of art. Because love is such a strong feeling and whether you have low resources or high, you are in Paris or Rome, or you live in the XIV century or the XXI; love is present at all times and Art captures it in different ways but always beautiful.      Mariana Otero Sequeiros

In this painting it is depicted Venus and Adonis, characters from the Metamorphoses by Ovid. Its main uniqueness lies in the position of Venus: as she's desperate by Adonis' love, instead of a passive beauty, here she takes the initiative to try to retain Adonis
In this piece we can see a man holding the hand of a lady in the middle of a forest, looks like they are going on a walk. this show us how a minor contact, a simple action can be a representation of love
In this painting we can see a couple holding each other, and their ropes are gold and the man's ones has rectangles and the girl's one has flowers.
Depicted is a couple in the dark with just a groove of light through the window, embracing, they look as if they were fusing into one person.
This one is a simple version of the past painting. Even in such a simple painting as this, we can feel the affection between the depicted couple. The period when Munch created this piece was when he joined the symbolic period. He simplified every detail to just have the symbolic meaning.
This photo was taken in the Victory Over Japan Day, the news had announced that the World War II was over, the Japanese had surrender. And in this kiss we can see the happiness the joy of the misery ending. The love in the peace.
In this cubist piece it is depicted a skeleton and a man made with geometrical forms, in which the skeleton kills the man. Here this kiss is represented as a passionate and gentle, loving act that leads to death. Even in love there's death and even in death there is love; such as in the poem Annabel Lee, the angels were envious of the love of Annabel that they kill her.
In Robert's work it is portrayed a blurry figure in a sunset: a man and a woman going home together sharing an umbrella. This piece is so calm so solemn. We can understand they love each other.
In this work it is depicted two lovers kissing, it seems as if their love was hidden; the man is climbing the balcony to see her.
In this last image we can see a man and a woman without doing an act of affection. This characters are just working, like a normal day for them but they could be husband and wife and even if there's no contact, just supporting each other can chow love.
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