Innocence, beauty, and Celebration

Annika Key

The media used in this piece is photography. The formal elements in photography are lighting, texture, focus, and color (Learning to Look: A Format for Looking at and Talking About Photographs, 2016). This photo gives soft lighting from the back and center. It is smooth in texture with a sharp focus on silhouette. The camera angle appears to be at a straight angle with muted color
The media used here is oil. The artist used dark colors which give a very heavy feeling to the painting. The painting also appears to be heavily textured which is visually stimulating. I see the Chiaroscuro element here because of the of light/dark shading with no apparent outline. There are very defined shapes when I look at the wall.
The media used here is oil. I think he uses saturation in this painting. The red from the tomato and yellow on the US Marshall's armbands really stand out. The little girl is very close in appearance to the two men in the front, putting the focus on the racial slur on the wall. I see a bit of texture in the sidewalk and on the wall.
This is another oil media but uses geometric shapes. The artist uses shapes in his placement of the family. They form a circle. The lines are very defined but has very poor color saturation. It appears to have grayish hue with a hint of green and blue.
Artist used oil as the media. Cubism is when the artist uses shapes and vivid and heavily saturated colors (Cubism 2016). His use of bold and thick lines give the image a rough texture.
Credits: All media
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