In this painting Rabbit hair texture is really good. To make hair texture is hard when it comes to this painting it is really good.
The way this picture looks like they used really good color mixing to get more originality texture on flowers
Texture in this paint making me me to think more about my texture art because how we can give depth with using texture.
My first opinion on this painting is I felt it is a picture took by a photographer.Then I realized it was painted by an artist.
In this painting I feel that I can feel that I can tuch the hair.
Using lot of Diffrent Textures in this painting Making everyone to feel how the actual texture look like in real life.
Actually there is no texture on art but lines on the paper giving the illusion of texture.
why I like this picture there is only one reason he used lot of shades with Pencils to look like a shadow.
The texture In this painting it looks like an ancient painting using natural colors.
When I look this art I feel it is a picture because the wavs on water is so real.
It is an amazing art with lot of detailing and mixture of color is making me to see again and again.
It looks like Wood cut with lot of detailed and layers.
I can see three shades on Elephant skin. First one is water texture shade. Second one is mud and Finely skin of Elephant. when it comes to water texture and shade it is really amazing to get such a good out put.
Definitely everyone have to take a look of this painting because after seeing this painting I was shocked with the detailed he worked in this picture. One of the best in my collection.
The texture of this metal is very detailed. It is really hard to make such a work on metal.That is why I like this picture.