Wealth and high status

1. The woman is wearing fancy clothing 2. Visiting a room full of fancy decorations 3. There is a butler
1. Wearing nice clothing 2. Only the rich could afford having portraits taken 3. Fancy jewelry
1. The main people have nice clothing 2. Appear to be attending a dinner of sorts 3. People in the background wearing equally nice clothing
1. Rich people could afford nice portraits 2. Intricate and fancy clothing 3. Hair that was the most 'in style' at the time
1. The shells are a symbol of high status in this culture 2. Other nice jewelry- high status in this culture 3. Appears to be very well off
1. Large, full, fancy dress 2. Hair done up 3. Had enough money to get portraits done
1. In China small feet were considered symbols of higher status and beauty 2. Richer Chinese women would bind their feet 3. Considered "beautiful"
1. Images of Buddhist deities of wealth 2. Deities bring the followers of Buddhism riches and wealth 3. Considered very important in this culture
1. Fancy, full dress 2. Hair is full and done up nicely 3. Rich enough to afford to have portraits done
1. Expensive furniture item 2. Only rich people can afford them 3. Found in the homes of richer people
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