Our new generation - Michael Morgan

Do any of you ever wonder what changes have been made in artwork in the last 20-30 years. Our generation has given a whole new meaning and brought together so many inspirational pieces of art and literature to this world. Though they may all have been branched off of a piece of art a long time ago, and though we may not have invented many of these things, our generation has revolutionized sculptures, paintings, etc. with the amount of technology we have nowadays. This gallery is based on the revolution of new age artwork.

This painting right here has a very deep, strong meaning to it. It is a wall mural painted by a new age painter, Sierrah One. It was done in 2014 but contains the characteristics of abstract art that has been going on for years upon years. The vast color palette and use of shapes all over give it the ability to have more than one meaning.
This piece of graffiti is one of my favorites. Displayed on the side of the building is Jimi Hendrix. To those of you who don’t know him, he was one of the most talented guitar players and musicians of the last 100 years, maybe longer. Unfortunately he passed away some time ago. The thing about him, was that he incorporated every day life struggles and religion into his music, making him popular with all crowds. The saying above him, “Music is my Religion”, fits perfectly with this painting.
This wall mural in New York City is a prime example of the development of new age art, compared to older artwork. It contains the characteristics of almost cave painting like features. It has symbols that resemble Egyptian cave paintings but it is painted in colors that are more prominent to modern day art work.
The sculpture shown here, has a very emotional message from it. It is a cast iron sculpture that is displayed in the Geelong Grammar School. This war memorial shows a man on top with his staff, that resembles a roman or greek warrior, and below him is a newer age sheriff, or militant that has been defeated. The soldier on top has his spear driven through the chest of a hawk, or eagle, which in my opinion, shows the strength of the older warrior.
This absolutely beautiful painting is one of the most technical of this collection. Displayed is a sea turtle, which are endangered in most of the world. The true beauty in them is there resilience through struggle of being hunted and endangered. The size of this painting truly shows that. The way that the colors stick out and make the turtle three dimensional and active, shows the talent of the man who painted it.
Shown here, is a painting of two elk fighting. The message, in my opinion, is to show how powerful these creatures are. When elk and deer are in rut, they fight for their mates by battling with their horns, or racks. The painting was done elegantly, but not with too much detail so it would look like a print. The animals have much detail to them, but the background almost looks like it was dabbed on with a sponge of rag.
This painting here, is also one of the strongest in this collection. Intricate detail to this hand brings out a stronger meaning. It is a hand laid out with a knife in the other hand between the fingers. What would happen is that you bounce the tip of the knife back and forth between all fingers and try not to hit yourself or cut yourself. The meaning of it is to show the risks that we as humans take every day, almost like being cut with a knife.
This piece of art is a brush painting done by a sidewalk in South Central, Los Angeles. The picture is done with watercolors and shows the world growing off a tree. The branches extending off of the world show the strength that each country has to branch out to each other. That meaning, is that the world is all one, and we all grow together like a tree would do.
This sculture here is a steel sculture done by Hadley+Maxwell, and it is displayed in Sydney, Australia. What is shown is a bunch of different pieces of human figures, some whole, some just limbs, and some look like absolutely nothing. They are all molded together, but done in two pieces that gives multiple meaning to the artwork.
The print, done on the side of a residential building, is a collab from POSITIVE-PROPAGANDA X CYRCLE. They are both street artists that do exactly what their name is, They send a positive message to the public. It uses only 3 colors but that also makes it more simple, making it just as powerful as the other pieces. Shown is a upside down, half pope, half king, with a sort of stippling effect on the swords and faces. It is a true display of modern style art.
Credits: All media
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