This artwork is a good representation of thick lines (weight) because there is different kind of thick lines in the artwork such as wavy, curvy, and normal straight lines.
This artwork shows a lot of texture (descriptive) lines. One reason because there is a lot of lines that are very detailed. There are different lightness of lines throughout the whole painting.
This artwork is a great example of thin lines. When looking thoroughly the thin lines are going in different directions when they go different directions when they cross other set of lines. I believe that can be done because of those thin lines.
This is an example of curved (descriptive) lines. As you can clearly see there is a curved line in almost every angle of this artwork. Think ones are made to create words and smaller ones are created to complete the words
This photograph is showing an example of Implied (usage) lines. In the middle of the photo the wall and the outside meet where the light is.
This image is a great example of concentration(density). THis image has many things that are emphasized, such as the man's face, lips and hands. There is a lot to be focused on and the spacing is very wide.
In my opinion this artwork can perfectly represent actual (usage) lines. There are simple lines that are crossed from each other and some simple curved lined and there is both vertical and horizontal lines.
This artwork is a good representation diagonal line. As you can clearly see in the painting, in the ceiling there are diagonal lines across the whole top.
This picture is a great example of vertical lines because across the whole artwork there are vertical lines that are being represented with alley.
In this artwork it represents texture lines. Every aspect has very detailed texture. Anywhere you look it seems that the artist took time in every line.
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