The world as we've known it

Since the beginning of humankind's developement from nomatic people to those who work the land, human kind has spread its wing. With the discovery of the new world there was a race to concour the land and to own it. This gallery is intended to illistrate the colonization of the world and the stories of the people's whos land was taken from them. Inequality in access to the amendities of life and blatent mistreatment are highlighted topics.

I chose this piece because the material reminds me of a web- were all connected. The hands appear to be over a globe. For me this illustrates clearly the race to concour the globe. Also, notice the center of the work is mirrored vertically. Take note the positionings of Africa and the Americas on the outskirts, and their size misrepresentation. Obviously, Europe is in the center.
This wooden frame of a hule of a ship used to transport slaves is important to the message i want to convey. Its rotting but it still exsists. similarily to the systematic racism we deal with today.
This work of a salmon speaks to me because it represents the beauty of the life-sustaining creatiure that nurished the tribes of the west coast. Its a figure of the prosperity and well-being of the tribe
Text of this poster say ":active service at land and sea". The military pressence of the United States around the world is one of the biggest illistators of global colonilization. Notice the make-up of this man- he is tall, chissled, and white. Today, the many armed forces basses around globe make their pressence known both welcome, and not so much.
This work really shows shows the beauty of the local lands these people lived with before colonialization. Like the salmon, this hooved creature next to the tree in the African plains represents the lush natural resources of the land
This white man with his fancy get-up and powdered wig represent the luxeries enjoyed by those priveledged enought to have them. He's fairly pudgy meaning he's well fed and therefore most likely well-of.
This work has much to say about the power dynamic between the masters and the people. The barely clothed boys being taught to shoot a wepon they may not be familiar with by a well dressed white man. The man's stance also indicates an assumed position of authority.
For me, this piece is all wrong. The villa is located in Southeast Asia, but borrows no stylings from the local area. Yet all the materials, and most likely builders, of it are from the immediate area. The house is lavish and over the top and an example of that kind of life-style. More than just the owner of this estate live on the property i assume. This manner most likely comes fit with the corresponding slaves and workers.
This piece is important because it shows the riches of a country concentrated to one individual- a king. Whats significant is this man if black and not a white man. What this illustrates is the left-over ramification of colonializtion in these countries where Euopean countries came and fucked everything up. Leaving in their own puppets as leaders to do their bidding and ultimately maintain their power.
I chose this work because it is more of an artifact than art. It exemplifies the greatness achieved by this primative society without the imposement of the white man that shortly after the making of this work was slowly enslaved and destroyed. We've come to think of modern Western society as the greatest collective achievement so far, but many primative cultures made great strides in developing technologies.
This beautiful peice of ivory is important for a couple reasons. The ivory it was made out of was likey driven to be havested by the rich white people and kings that create demand for it, which is significant in that its not intended for the land or the people. In addition, the work is just astonishing! Its represnts local artistic culture and style and is made of the land- local ivory.
This peice is entiled Unknown Slave. The human i this work, the woman, the individual, is a slave. Yetr her indentity was not imporant to be documented by the photgrapher. Grateneted the photographer is unknown aswell. This work is significant in how personable and human this woman is. It is easy to look into her face and se her soul.
Credits: All media
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