How One-Point Perspective Gives Depth in Art

One-point perspective is the key to present the depth in art.

The road seems to go on forever due to one-point perspective.
One-point perspective make this view seems wider and more depth "into" the drawing.
The road on the left seems to go on forever. This painting also gives the audience an illusion of wider view due to perspective.
Same as the images before, longer road, wider view.
This piece have more colors compared to the previous ones, but still, perspective made the audiences seem like they can look "further" down the road.
The road that goes "into" the painting and the relatively small church in the background gave the sense of depth.
The vanishing point of this painting is located in the center of the arch, which lead the audiences' eye to focus on "seeing through" the arch.
The perspective in this painting tells the depth and the height of the building.
The width of the building was shown by one-point perspective.
The road ends at the vanishing point, which made the road seems to go on continuously.
The vanishing point of this piece is at the top of the tree.
Endless road, endless grassland.
Perspective leads our eyes to finally focus on the little people in the center of this piece.
The road on the foreground leads the eye to see the building in the background.
Although this piece seems relatively simple, perspective worked well on leading audiences' eyes.
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