Various Textures through different Mediums

This gallery showcases pieces that I felt showed texture through different mediums.

I chose this piece because The texture that is showed makes it look as if everything is soft yet rigid at the same time making this piece visually fun to look at.
I chose this piece mainly because of the softness.The brush strokes used give a very soft washed out look. The mood it portrays with the strokes gives of a serene yet violent feeling at the same time.
I picked this sculpture mainly because of the two textures it shows. It has the holes in-between the sculpting which looks like a mesh. The detailed sculpting looks very rough compared to the mesh.
This piece gives off a very rough smooth texture. The shine it gives off shows that the surface is smooth but the grooves and sharp edges of the design makes it seem rough at the same time.
I chose this piece because of the texture illusion it gives. This vase is smooth but the cracked design of the vase gives the effect of a fragile vase that has rough cracks.
I chose this piece because of the fun perspective it shows. The pieces look like hard plastic based on the way the light hits each plastic piece.
This piece caught my eye because of the melting, dark, smoky look it gives off. The piece looks like it was made out of charcoal but a closer look you see that its metal. It looks smooth to the touch.
This piece captured my attention because of the texture created by the paint. The piece looks very glossy making it smooth the touch yet the textured strokes make it more of a rigid texture instead.
This piece got my attention because of the detail in the feathers. A close look at the feathers sows that they could have a velvet and light rough texture to them.
This piece caught my attention because of how it is sculpted. The texture looks a little rigid and smooth at the same time. It looks like the piece itself is sturdy because of how it stands up.
This piece caught my attention mainly because of the rough sketch of the peacock. Usually the peacock looks soft and majestic but this piece makes it looks very shaggy and mediocre.
I chose This piece because it gives off a very rough feeling to it. The cracks on the top of the building emphasizes that texture.
I chose this piece because it looks visually fun. The technique used makes it seem like the painting is very rigid to the touch yet soft like fabric. Looking closer to the piece does look like fabric.
This piece caught me by surprise. It looked like a painting at first but a closer look its actually a sculpture. The holes used to make the trees make them seem very rough and rigid.
This piece looked like it had a interesting texture to it. The piece itself looks like it has a velvet feel to it but the material shown is making it seem more like metal.
Credits: All media
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