Animal Art

These artists have created works of art with different styles in animal themes.

Why do you think Prehistoric people drew in the caves of Lascaux, France?
Why would Egyptian people leave sculptures of their animals like this cat, in their tombs?
Can you tell a story when you look at this animal? What do you think this animal was about to do?
What is the most dominant element of art in this picture of The Foxes? How does it influence the picture?
Do you see the sheep in this colorful picture? Do you think the artist was trying to hide it?
What is going on in this picture? What kind of colors are used to create a mood in this painting?
Does this scene look like the jungle or the woods? Does the placement of the lion tell us where he is?
How is this scene different from the others? How is space represented?
Does it look like this lamb is blending into the background or standing out from it? Why?
Why is this picture different than other realistic pictures of animals? What elements of art contributes to this picture?
Is this artwork a bush or an animal? What would you think if you saw this while walking through town?
Credits: All media
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