Sunsets against water

The theme of the artworks I chose is sunsets against water. Although it's not evident in every single picture that there is water, you can tell by seeing a reflection of the sun on the ground, signalling it's reflecting off of water below. In certain pictures, the water is farther out, so it isn't as noticeable. All of these pictures include sunsets and bodies of water, with some type of terrain and clouds spread through the sky. Similar colors include oranges, pinks, greens, blues, browns. The feeling created off of these images is a calm and peaceful feeling, because of the colors that blend well together, and the sun lowering in the sky. Sunsets usually bring people a calm feeling because it means that the day is wrapping up, and they can finally relax. Waves can be calming when they are very small, creating only tiny ripples. Combine the two things and you get a very peaceful setting. 

Credits: All media
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