Kendyl Garton


Space in shown in this figure with the black and orange backgrounds. Space is an area or emptiness between, around, above, below, or within objects. Space is shown within and around this vase with the people and design around them.
Rhythm is shown in this piece by indicating movement by the repetition of elements. The swervey shape around the piece shows movement and rhythm is shown by repeating this movement.
Value is shown in this elegant design in the shades of blue used in the flower petals. Value describes lightness or darkness of an object and the different shades of blue shown here represent that well.
This two dimensional area that is defined in some way represents shape. The shape of this simple but modern and unique piece is a bowl.
In this piece color is a big element that really draws the viewer into looking at it. I think the artist made this more interesting by using colors that don't represent a real ducks natural color and glazing them on their creatively.
Pattern is shown in this artwork in the lines and colors used. There is a pattern in the stair-looking shapes and the lines that border them. There is decorative repetition used around the piece.
This sculpture shows form due to its three dimensions. I think the artist was creative when thinking of what to form out of this piece.
Proportion is shown in this ceramic artwork by proportioning the lid and jar perfectly so that it fits and serves as a cookie container.
Emphasis is shown in the ballplayer's legs here. The artist made the legs more dominant over the other parts of the piece which shows great emphasis.
Texture is shown in this piece by indentations in the sculpture. In cravings were made in the piece to give it the look of having a certain feel/touch to it.
Lines are shown all throughout this art piece. Lines make up this piece by covering all the space in different forms of lines.
This sculpture presents variety. There is great contrast in colors of the tiling and placement on the building.
This piece represents balance. Balance is demonstrated in this artwork but equalizing visual forces and elements such as lines and patterns.
This piece represents movement. The dragon looking creature creates the look and feeling of action and moves the viewer's eye throughout the artwork.
This art piece represents harmony by using similarities of separate but related parts. The artist used similar material and combined it to create the overall piece of a horse.
Credits: All media
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