One Point perspective 

By: Kaelee Van Gundy

Foreground- The trees at the beginning of the path Middleground- People riding their bikes Background- the trees, sky in the distance and the grass areas
Foreground- person, dog, and tall rock next to them Middleground- The tree and other rock Background- The other small rocks and trees
Foreground- The people and wheelbarrow Middleground- Bushes and grass Background- Building in the distance
Foreground- The tree and little pond of water Middleground- Big pond, trees and landscape Background- Mountains
Foreground- People and water Middleground- Horses and trees Background- Buildings
Foreground- The people Middleground- The row of trees Background- Mountains and trees
Foreground- The people sitting under the tree Middleground- The fountain, two people walking, and side of the building Background- Buildings
Foreground- The people standing by the bed Middleground- People standing on Stairs Background- The buildings and grass
Foreground- Columns Middleground- The stairs Background- Trees and sky
Foreground- Animals, person, trees Middleground- Line of trees Background- Mountains
Credits: All media
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