by the light of the son

A collection of art depicting Christ, the center of Christianity, compiled by Marisa Payton

This is a picture of Jesus' resurrection after three days. I chose this because it is the defining moment in Christianity when Jesus proves He is also God by coming back from the dead. It is a great moment.
I chose this photo because it is simple in its artistic design but it shows a critical part of Jesus' story. He never wanted to die but did so to save humanity from its sins. It's a sad but wonderful event within Christianity.
I liked this picture because of how vibrant the colors are that coincide with the celebratory moment of Jesus' birth. His name was given to Mary by an angel which makes this an even more profound photo. I was drawn to it by its cheeriness and tender moment between Jesus and Mary.
This photo shows Jesus feeding five thousand people with only a few loaves of bread and a couple fish. This Bible story is often forgotten but it is a wonderful display of Jesus' attitude towards people. The kindness Jesus spread while He was alive stretched far and wide.
While this isn't a happy picture, it's a strong reminder that not everyone was so accepting of Jesus. He was treated poorly by many but still kept a positive attitude and was polite to those who hurt Him. It is a great example that we should follow today.
This picture is brilliant too with its color scheme and its story. Here Jesus brings Lazarus back from the dead when nobody thought it was possible. Jesus did incredible things during His time and the people surrounding Him in this picture are compelling to look at by their reactions.
The Last Supper is a dominant event in Christianity that is still acknowledged today by way of Communion. Jesus broke bread and drank wine with His disciples before His death. Community is important to have and this classic photo is an example of that.
This is a full picture dedicated to Jesus' crucifixion. That event in time was pivotal for the Christian faith because Jesus had to die to wipe all sins away and the cross is essentially the mascot for the faith because of what it stands for. I picked it because of its importance and significance.
I picked this photo because it is simple in that it is just a picture of Jesus. This is how scholars believe He looked and I think it's such a sweet picture of Him holding the lamb on His shoulders. It's symbolic also because He, as God, holds the weight of the world on His shoulders.
I chose this picture because it is another essential moment in the Christian faith. The Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus in a stable and we celebrate that on Christmas Day. The focus on Mary by having the colors center around her is beautiful and the detail draws your eye to the baby.
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