There are two different types of repression present in Freud's Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis and Sophocles' Antigone, internal repression and external repression. Internal repression comes from internalizing social pressures and repressing one's id or it can come from repressing ones super ego. External repression is a result of some external, oppressive, source. Internal repression is social repression while external repression is political repression. External repression is much more dangerous often resulting in death.

This is the type of woman that Freud would have interacted with. She is covered from head to toe. Her dress goes all the way up to her neck and down to her wrists and, likely, down to her feet. This represents internal, social, repression. She covers herself because she has been taught that it is inappropriate to sexualize her body. So, she wears uncomfortable clothes because that is what she is told is right.
The Ku Klux Klan is an excellent example of external repression. They were an organization which forced others to conform to their belief systems. If people did not conform, they were killed
These two are likely in some sort of relationship as evidenced by their postures. He has his arm on her chair and she is looking at him. This position indicated familiarity. They do not touch because that would have been considered inappropriate. Thus, they are repressing themselves internally.
Propaganda (especially this piece of propaganda) is an example of both internal repression and external repression. The government encourages people to limit their food intake, sometimes they even pass legislation about it. Then people internalize these posters and limit themselves because of their guilt. This is among the most tame types of external repression.
"Realists recorded in often gritty detail the present-day existence of humble people" (Finocchio). They abandoned symbolism, romanticism, and classicism to depict real life. In a way this can be interpreted as internal repression. These artists stopped painting these things because people stopped listening. They limited themselves in order to be heard
The Boston Massacre was extreme external repression. The British killed American protesters simply because they did not show respect. People were killed over a snowball fight. So far, almost every example of external repression has had deaths of some sort involved while the internal repression resulted in prudishness.
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