Greatest Woman portrait

Those are some of the greatest women portraits that i found with great definitions and story behind them. Some of them are drawing but still pretty cool so I want to share it with you guys and enjoy them.

This beautiful sculpture was found by a young worker name Manuel Campello Esclapez in August 4, 1897. From my research I found that there’s many different story about it. Another person who name was Pere Ibarra had a different story about it also. This art was purchase by Pierre Paris who was a French archaeological connoisseur and place at the Louvre museum and hidden for safe keeping during WW2
Rembrandt van Rijn who I believe was a Dutch in 1606-1669 made this drawing. This image as you can see is a nudity of a women sitting on a chair. This image was his imagination and wanted to bring it out to this world. He was focused on this subject only a certain phases of his career, and a very few of the resulting studies. The woman seated on a stool. Her simple shape and external immobility seem to increase the viewer’s sense of her inner vitality.
For this artwork I did really get a lot of information about it but from my research what I found is that this artwork is how woman used to go to carnival back in 1730’s. The mask basically was to find their identifications. That’s all I can really found about this image.
Hans who became an apprentice painter at the tender age of 16 made this painting. This picture is a woman with her whose name was Amor. He was holding a flaming arrow in his hand, as a symbol of burning love. He blindfolded and sits on a ball, which represents the truth. If he removes his blindfold from his face, then he would actually see the truth and discover that the spiritual love of God always triumphs over the physical love between people
This image was drawing by Edgar Degas. He had a quote that say, “It is much better to draw what you can't see anymore but is in your memory,” He paint this pictures of his imaginations of what he had in his head. The concept behind this drawing I believe is that he was aware of how women basically clean themselves. This one is pretty confusing I believe he was kind of criticism.
Couldn't find much about this picture but by looking at it and read the title. I can say it's a woman sitting on a stone also breaking the rock to make design of it or create some art out of it.
This painting was done in 1932. From looking at the image we can tell it’s a summer time because the grass was green and the temperature was cool. Also this painting was a real girl laying down while the artist was painting it.
This picture was taking in 1935 by Sebastian Rodriguez. The image is a portrait of a woman standing in front of a house, which wasn’t really a house. I couldn’t find much about this images because the tittle was very common.
This painting of 1867 is one of the representative works of Rossetti’s maturity. He was a poet and a painter. But he was one of the paintings that do his work by the bible foundation. His creation of works filled with Romantic poetic sensibility that feature images of the femme fatale. Rossetti used a different model in his creation of three replicas of this work in watercolor in the same year.
Carlos Carneiro made this portrait of a woman. Basically this image is a woman that sits on a table with a book open on the table. From my perspective she was reading and behind her also had a beautiful paint that look with a lot of color mix together. The concept behind this image is that “woman that like to write on the table, the composition is blue which stands for rich of the sweater and the yellow of the lamp on the table, which confesses of sensitivity.
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