aesthetically pleasing textures in art

A look at different pieces of art which have textures that makes one associate a familiar touch when viewing them purely visually.

the static looking material that this tablet is made of appears very nice to touch.
creating the detail of this must have been painstakingly difficult, but very worth it
the color choice made here is interesting to say the least, but the effect of the placement of each dot is very effective.
this just looks extremely cool. smooth and suave
smooth, cool, shiny communism
masterfully made this with its cool smooth material
the noise on the tree's is so pleasing
the reflection of the moon is very sharp
The texture of the beard is absolutely stunning
look at that. Wow. the material this is made out of and its different surfaces makes light reflect off of this in really great ways
This is put together perfectly. the surface is somehow both comforting and also chaotic, depending on the angle and distance you look at it
this tiny watch has so much sparkle in it
This tool of violence is so beautiful now thanks to the artist
The background is my favorite part of this piece
The design and use of colors and shapes here is phenomenal
this piece is so colorful and wondrous
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