Animals in Egypt

Most deities and important figures in egyptian society were represented with the faces of animals. Maybe it was to show power of the gods in relation to the strength of the animal. There could be any kind of reason. Regardless of the reason animals have many important roles in egyptian culture. This is a short collection of some examples of that.

I chose this peice because it is a representation of a powerful god but has facial characteristics of a lion. This shows the importance of the lion in egyptian culture.
This particular peice is represented by a falcon a magestic animal that is high on the food chain. The egyptians maybe used this to describe the value of the god to them.
This peice is of a centaur, which is a hybrid of a man and a horse. Although this beast is not specific in egyptian culture this still shows how they view horses in their culture.
I chose this sculpture because it is another representation of the living king god horus.
This is a collar that egyptian men and woman wore. The beast located on the neck area is a lioness which represented one of the gods to demonstrate an exhibit of her power in the person wearing it.
This is an egyptian sculpture of a falcon wearing two crowns. This is the same bird that is an often representation of thier living king god horus. that being said you can see the value of the falcon.
The so called marraige scarab refers actually to amenhotep's cheif queen. Again an animal is a representation of royalty a sculpture used for royal importsnt in the form of an animal.
I chose this peice because it had an active lion in it. There were many sculptures of lions in this time. Maybe it was a relic and those who held it felt powerful like the lion.
I chose this amulet because it seems to have the face of an ape. In relation to the size it most likley worn on a necklace by someone of power to show dominance.
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