Lines in art

In these pieces of art they are showing how lines can be used in many different ways to describe art

In this piece of art the lines are showing the peaceful background of the rainbow, and with the rainbow being there it makes me feel warm and happy inside.
In this piece of art the lines are just flat, they are not going anywhere which makes me feel clam just like the camels are laying in the sand.
In this piece of art the lines are creating the trees that are straight but never ending, which makes me feel that this piece of art is never ending in paradise.
In this piece of art the lines are going in all different directions, and this piece of art also reminds me of a cell because in a cell there are lines going everywhere.
In this piece of art the lines are almost going everywhere and because of the red color it almost looks like blood which makes me feel like there is death in this piece of art.
In this piece of art the lines show me the different aspects in the bird and it brings out the very good detail in it, also the colors in this art work makes me feel happy.
I love this piece of artwork, I love all the different lines coming from everywhere and it makes me feel like an adventure, also these lines also remind me of a herd of animals.
This piece of artwork is very interesting the lines in this work make me think of dancer because of all them moving around in circles.
I love this artwork because the lines are portraying a peaceful river but then also they are almost showing a storm in the background which makes me think things may never turn out how you expect it 2.
In this artwork I love how the lines are showing that this horse has a wild side, and how it looks like the stallion of the herd. And I wouldn't say this horse is scared I would say it is more brave.
Credits: All media
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