Heroes of Mythology

My exhibit consists of different heroes in mythologies such as Thor from norse mythology, Hercules from Greek mythology, and Susano'o from Japanese mythology.

By the way it is depicted, this seems to be the final battle based off of Ragnarok. The serpant is Thors final battle and finish each other off, while the wolf, known as Fufnir, is battling odin.
This Painting depicts the Norse god Thor battling the frost giants, the amount of detail that is portrayed depicts what a battle this would be like and shows what the nordic people believed in.
This depicts Thor in a calm state, the scultper shows the muscles and ideology that the nordic people would have seen Thor be depicited as during his prime.
this depicts Hurcules during his 12 trials, taking the world on his shoulder from Atlas. The image is a hand drawn image during the Renaissance representing a very detailed sketch of the hero.
this is During Hercules 12 trials, fight against the mythical Nemean lion. the way it is sculpted, it looks like what the myths would say, strong and fierce, and the lions details show the struggle.
this is the unofficial 13th trial Hercules accomplished, with killing the deadly Hydra. Upon close inspection each line was placed with precision and purpse giving the Hydra a scaly look.
This is based of the tale of Nessus and how he tricked Hercules's wife to kill Hercules. the sculpture elegantly shows the centaur with its mix of horse and human being shown within a fight.
yet another trial of Hercules, cleaning the stable of man eating horses. being that this was made around 200 years ago shows this is an adaptation. the beautiful art resembles that of the Renaissance.
This is a Japanese wood work depicting The great battle between Susano-o and Yamata no Orochi. The artistry depicts a storm like sea carved into the wood and painted in Japanese traditional style.
This depicts susanoo summoning a storm to wipe the enemies out during his epic journey. the tapestry shows an ancient style of artwork done by japanses artist.
Credits: All media
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