Natural beauty 

By Jacob Stoll                                                                The theme of the images chosen is nature or architecture with elaborate and beautiful colors; images with realistic, but vibrant colors, amazing sunsets and, movement. I want the images I choose to entertain and take you to a new place, but also be somewhat relatable. I want my gallery to evoke some type of emotion that the viewer didn't have before viewing my site.  

This is titled 'View of Warsaw from the Terrace of the Royal Castle' by Bernardo Bellotto. I choose this image because of the beautiful sky over the city. The focus starts to the left and the because of the sky's movement, ends where the sunset is on the right.
This is titled 'Untitled [Prairie Fire]' by R Farrington Elwell. I chose this image for my gallery because of the vibrant colors of the fire. Another reason I choose this image was because of all the animals in the image. You can tell everyone is stressed because their home is going up in flames.
This is titled 'HMAS Kanimbla alongside Port Rashid, Dubai' by Peter Churcher. I chose this image because of the vibrant lights from the port and the movement in the image. You can tell there is a heavy wind blowing because of the bell in the foreground and the steam from the boats in the background. It has this real ominous late night/early morning feel to it.
This is titled 'Paisaje de Holanda' by Carlos de Haes. I chose this image because of the clouds and realistic colors. The texture is also interesting and looks filtered.
This is titled 'Opium ships at Lintin, China' by Edward Duncan. I chose this image because of the clouds and lighting. Its very realistic and because of the placement of light, heaviness of clouds, and where the main ship is located, you're eye shifts from left to right and resolves back to the ship in the middle-right of the image.
This is titled 'El Sena. Cercanias de El Havre, Puerto de Rouen' by Jaume Morera Galicia. I chose this image because of the realistic colors, interesting focus, and the movement of the water. The water is a huge focus in this image, but your eye mostly resolves to the boats on the right.
This is titled 'Venice' by Nicolae Darascu. I chose this image because I can relate to it. I've been on those steps in Venice. I also chose it because of the movement in the sky. You can tell its raining because of the strokes and the woman with an umbrella.
This image is titled 'Canvassing for a Vote' by George Caleb Bingham. I chose this image because it is super clean and super realistic. What really makes it stand out is the clarity, lighting, and shadows. The sunset in the background is a bonus.
This image is titled '#Lamentation' by Grayson Perry. When I first looked at the image I decided to put it in my gallery because of the vibrant colors, city scene, and the panoramic view it has. I didn't realize until later what the image actually was and was shocked at how I could relate to it. It isn't like anything else in my gallery, but it does have some of the same qualities. This image definitely leaves you with some type of emotion.
This is titled 'Seawall' by Richard Diebenkorn. I chose this image because of the realistic colors, the abstract shapes, and different interpretation of the scenery. The focus is mostly on the left of the photo and your eyes resolve to the middle.
Credits: All media
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