eyes to touch

Various textures by Jenna Hussey

The artist was able to show each and every crack in the rocks, bringing the feeling of rough and hard surfaces to life.
The texture of the rabbits fur is very apparent; there are countless tiny strokes all laying together to create the shape of hair. The rabbit's fur looks wild and soft.
The man's clothing has different light reflections that show a silky material, something high quality. The pants have a wrinkled texture around the bends, giving a more delicate feel to the pants.
The light hitting the top of the chair makes the feel seem silky and soft, especially because the light hits the hardest on the embellishments which give them entirely new texture all together.
The detail put into each leaf on the trees shows the crispness of each leaf. The texture shown can almost provide you with the sound of the crinkling leaves in the wind.
The light and shape of the waves creates the rolling texture of the water. Also, the clouds' billowy fade into the sky gives a soft feeling to them.
The sheep in this painting look so real because the texture of their wool is intricately painted. The various curls and strokes of the wool tell you it feels soft and fluffy.
There is a vast amount of texture in this painting because of the countless flowers presented. The individual lines that form the stems and petals create a contrasting texture to the smooth sky.
Credits: All media
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