This gallery includes the representation of tranquil lands that are vast in space and wondrous in beauty. Gallery Created by: Marcus Mitchell

Among the Sierra Nevada, California depicts a view of California's beautiful waterfalls, and wildlife. The brilliant sky gives light to the enormous mountains in this artwork.
The Kaukola Ridge at Sunset depicts a view from the high top of an island on the lake, giving you a great aerial view of the lake landscape. The scene is depicted as calm and sensual in its beauty.
The Indian's Vespers depicts a mighty land full of hope and promise. The enormous trees overlook a sun kissed lake. The vibrant colors from this landscape hold balance throughout the vast landscape.
The Cotopaxi depicts a spacious land with many variations. From the palm trees all the way to the smoking volcano the use of space was the key throughout this beautiful painting.
The Marsh Sunset shows a wetland when hit with the right sun ray can be just as beautiful as any other landscape. The openness of the land makes the mind wander into peacefulness and warmth.
The Coast of Genoa depicts a vast waterscape surrounded by a harbor and mountains. The depiction of this waterscape shows beautiful chaos, from the water semi controlled by the stillness of the land.
Blue Lake depicts a water hole like lake surrounded by a land and great mountain. The great mountain is so enormous in size that from the angle of the picture it hides the setting sun.
View from Stalheim shows how great in beauty enormous lands can be.The enormous mountains hides a creek from this angle, but from the hikers view it looks to be a river holding its own enormous size.
California Spring depicts a vast landscape with an essence of agriculture. In the background there is a river flowing through the land while the sun breaks through the overcrowded clouds.
Credits: All media
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