A Night At the museum

Throughout the year, no matter what season it is, flowers always exist within our sight. The world is full of wonders, why don't we go and explore it? There are lots of wonderful things existing in this wonderful world, flowers are wonderful, too.  Some flowers are blooming on trees and after the flowers will be some yummy fruits, some flowers are blooming on the soil, some flowers can also be medicines, and some flowers have some wonderful smells. Maybe you will say that’s flowers are pretty, but they are also weak, not as strong as grass, can live at any places even in a skull, but Narcissus, plum flowers are telling you that flowers are not only pretty and weak, they can also be strong as anything. There’s another wonderful thing about flowers, flowers are all blooming in different time, different season or even different place. So, no matter where we at, what time it is, what season we are in, we can always see flowers blooming in front of us, singing songs in front us, dancing in front of us. In spring, Tulips, cherry blossoms, winter jasmine are showing us the prettiest side of them, Orchids, lilies, hibiscus, gentian, and amaranth in summer are singing in the heat, Daisy, osmanthus, lilies in autumn are dancing with the wind, in winter, Narcissus, plum flowers, poinsettia are standing in the white icy world, showing us that flowers can also be strong.

In this wonderful exhibition, artworks will show you a brand new world that is full of flowers, from the time the artworks being made. Come, let’s walk through those flowers together, dance with them, sing with them…

Audio Guide Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN6eCvXWHeE
Subjective Art Work:Blooming Room Korean artist Yoo, Geun Taek born in 1965, is a well known oriental painter, he's artwork are mainly oriental painting. His artworks include Splash! (2009), Some Dinner (2009), Growing Room (2007), A Scene-Fountain (2004), Blooming Room (2009), Self-Portrait (2002) etc. His paintings are mainly shown in The Korean Art Museum Association. Yoo, Geun Taek's artwork 'Blooming Room' is a new concept of the space we are living in.
Audio Guide Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awP7O_hiKZA
Post Modern Art Work: Flower Korean Artist Zu, Doyang is a well-known photographer, born in JeonNam Goheung, Korea. His masterpiece include Landscape3 (2003), Lake08 (2006), flower (2008) etc. 'Flower' is now shown in Korean Art Museum Association. This photograph captures the trail with lots of cherry trees, which represents an artificial nature world and it is also a place for rest and emotional comfort.
Structural Art Work:Çiçek/Flower Abidin Dino (1913-1993), was a Turkish Artist and a well-known painter. Abidin was not only a painter, but also a cinematographer and cartoonist. Abidin Dino's print artwork 'Çiçek / Flower' This print art work is now shown in the Sakıp Sabancı Museum.
Cultural Art Work: Birds and Flowers of Four Seasons Japanese Artist Araki Jippo, 1872-1972. His painting 'Birds and Flowers of Four Seasons is a very cultural art work, now is shown in the Yamatane Museum, Tokyo Japan. This whole painting is made up of four individual small paintings. The first painting describes the view of birds and flowers during winter, the second one painting stands for autumn, the third one is summer, and the very last one is the view of the colorful spring.
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