Color, Magic, and art

This brief collection will hopefully show the impact that color may have in art and how it can help achieve different purposes.

Along with the sfumato technique, the dark tones used by Rembrandt in this piece help convey the feeling that a storm is approaching.
Composed with mostly blues and greens, and some shades of red and yellow, Monet distributes the colors in a way that creates a feeling of harmony in the piece.
With the use of color, Claude Monet successfully conveys the time of the day at which this painting was done.
Same effect on the haystakcs, but different time of the day. By changing the color of the sky, Monet creates a different feeling in this particular painting.
This time, Monet creates a totally different feeling by using warmer colors. He successfully conveys the feeling of a summer day.
This time, Monet conveys yet a different feeling. With his use of colors, we can clearly see the fasct that this piece was painted in a kind of a foggy day.
I like this painting because Lettl give away a feeling of peace and warmth with the yellow and red tones in the flowers.
In this piece, Moore achieves, with dark and somber tones, an opposite theme to that of Lettl in her painting. This piece shows a very gloomy theme.
By using a vast majority of green tones, Eanger Irving Couse conveys a feeling of harmony and piece in this quasi-monochromatic piece.
Just by looking at this piece, without reading the title, you can get the feeling that the forest is in fire due to the layer of red Ladilsav Mednyánszky in the entire canvas.
A kinetic artist and painter, Carlos Cruz Diez plays with the relation of colors to create the illusion of movement in this piece.
Just like in "Flaming Lanscape", in this painting the viewer can feel that the sun is tearing through the sky and burning its path just by the colors Thomas Moran used in the piece.
The bright and lively colors that Edward h. Potthast used in A Day's Fishing create the feeling of a beautiful, clear day, probably a summer day.
This, along with the next piece in the collection, are perfect examples of the impact of color in paintings. In this one, we can clearly see that it is night-time due to the dark tones in the scene.
In this case, even though it's the same theme, the painting was done at an earlier time. The clearer tones used by Blakelock in this piece show that while the moon is up, it's still not as late.