China's Culture

This is the Great wall of China. Lots of people lost there lives while building this.
This is an old picture of the people who protected China's cities.
I just like the art on the plate, they are very specific when it comes to there dishes looks.
This is a mural I chose this picture because the was it is painted. Also art is an important part of there culture.
Calligraphy are China's characters. Also a way of communication.
It is located in the forbidden city. It's so important because 24 emperors from the Ming and Qing Dynasties lived there.
I chose this because there landscape is just so amazing.
I picked this photo because this is what there work/force labor used to be it's not the best place to be.
As I said before this is just and incredible view of there landscape.
A sculpture of a great motivator.
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