Reliefs from Around the World By Kevin James

To show off each culture's reliefs and styles of doing so. I chose this because it takes quite a lot of skill and time to chisel these out into the master pieces we see now. Also stone is out lives quite a few things, so metaphor fun to be had.

A now lost inscription naming Flavius Agricola as the model urged those reading it to live life to the fullest. With it's realistic portrayal and relaxed model it immortalizes him throughout time.
This relief commemorates an 11-year-old boy who won a prize in a poetry contest in Rome. To show that age means little in achievements and their mark on history.
The relief itself was typical of freed slaves from around 100 BC, commissioned after to show others of their status. To gleam some light on little known roman trivia and show pedestrian use of art.
It depicts a tree with bird within its branches while a snake stalks from below. Unknown artist. I rather like the natural order of things and allegories; add in the almost playful style and I'm sold.
It depicts the god Mithras sacrificing a bull to the Persian god Helios in a traditional fashion. I really love the poses in religious art, and combined with a time honored style? Sold.
This relief probably depicts one of the Horai; daughters of Themis and Zeus who represented the seasons. The sincere amount of dedication to one's craft for a non-god, and the clothes' flowing detail.
The relief depicts the god Bes an ancient Egyptian deity whom protected households and is associated with mothers and children. The art so far has been representational and only shown normal people.
An winged Assyrian spirit wearing a crown of divinity kneeling with offerings. Profile view and entirely different style from the rest the exhibit.
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