Depths of Nature

I've collected just a few really great pieces that all make use of nature and landscapes in conjunction with perspective to create palpable depth.

This piece really caught my eye! It depicts a great mountain rand that runs along side a very tranquil river. His use of atmospheric perspective in the piece really helps set a certain mood. He uses diminishing contrast in a masterful way, such that it puts you in the piece.
This piece shows what looks to be a very early morning sunrise through a thick fog in the waters of Southampton, a city in England. I love the simple contrast in this piece, the golden orb sitting in a pale blue-green fog. The very thick fog seems so real, as well. Though there's low contrast throughout most of this piece, you can still feel that depth.
This is a panoramic photo of Peking, China in the year 1860. I enjoy the contrast in this piece! There's something about seeing this old city with the pale mountains sitting off in the distance that leaves me really intrigued.
This piece shows harvesters gathering in what I believe are bountiful fields of wheat. I found the rich colors of this piece to draw me in well. I also like how this one is more telling of a story, all while still making great use of atmospheric perspective and the rolling hills to create a believable, yet slightly stylistic composition.
I absolutely love this piece. It depicts a weathered town, on a beautifully clear day. Though it's not purely a piece dedicated to nature, the use of light in this painting is sublime, in my opinion. There's a nice amount of contrast in the piece, and though there isn't a whole lot of fog, per se, to establish depth, Nicolae manages to translate that depth with a diminishing of detail with only slight desaturation of color.
I like how Jaume uses perspective and the shape of the mountain caps to create an interesting composition. Though there isn't any other land form here to indicate depth beyond the mountain, you can still sense that depth in the air and right near the contour of the mountains though slight diminishing color and detail.
I really love the texture of this piece. It depicts, simply, mountains of Spain, Cabeza de Hierro. The heavy use of atmosphere in this piece causes it to border on the abstract side of art for me. The word I use for this is sublime, once more. It's a beautiful use of light and indication, portraying a great shrouded mountain.
This piece depicts a serene river with sparse, empty boats, with trees the color of spring and a quiet town sitting in the distant background. Monet has many beautiful pieces, and this is another great one. The whole piece isn't too wildly vivid, yet has great contrast. You really feel the depth through a diminishing in scale of similar objects like the river boats, and through a further diminishing of detail and desaturation of color in the distant town in the piece.
In this painting, we see a port, with an assuringly bustling town to the right, with a slightly ominous-looking plume of black smoke rising and drifting over the body of water in the center. The use of dark colors is quite heavy, which is an ideal contrast against the lighter, receding clouds. Also see a surprising amount of detail in the water, which puts a special emphasis on Nature's role in this painting for me. You can see Jaume once more uses atmosphere to not just set mood, but establish a great sense of depth for this painting; it's very much alive and set in a real world.
Credits: All media
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