Okay, Cupid - Marissa Carrillo

As the title suggests, this theme will be about the mythological creature, cupid.  This gallery will have many interpretations of cupid and his stories.  Many of these stories involve with Venus, his mother, and Psyche, the mortal woman he loved.  Most of the paintings I picked are a baroque styled depiction of cupid while there are some that I was able to find that are more accurate forms of him.  

In this artwork, Venus is holding Cupid by the arm and essentially disarming him his as the title hints. The use of red portrays the anger and aggression Venus holds towards Cupid.
This painting shows multiple people, Cupid, and dogs mourning the death of Adonis. All of the figures a realistic looking and are dramatic in form and lighting. This is a style heavily used in baroque.
This painting is the love that Cupid had for Psyche, a princess that Venus was jealous of. In this painting, it seems that Cupid was the one that loved Psyche, however, Psyche did not reciprocate the same feelings for him.
In this painting, Cupid is in the foreground and appears to be mischievous. This is hinted with multiple string instruments and paper laying on the floor. Cupid is showing with a dramatic pose and extreme contrapposto.
This artwork shows Venus punishing Cupid. In this painting, Cupid is portrayed as a very small child. This painting also shows that there is another Cupid running away from Venus in the background.
Cupid, on the right, is portrayed as a young adult, carrying Psyche, his lover, into the sky. This painting is one of the most accurate showings of what Cupid looks like. Psyche is holding Cupids bow, possibly suggesting that love does not need to be forced.
In this painting, Cupid is attempting to make a fire while Venus is sitting next to him. The title shows that they are trying to warm themselves even though it shows that Venus is not putting in as much of an effort.
This painting shows on of the famous myths of Cupid. Venus is holding a love arrow from Cupid which suggests she wants to be loved. However, she cannot receive because of her jealousy of someone else. The cloth behind Venus is almost shaped like a body which could suggest death or wanting something gone.
Venus is the goddess of love. With the mirror that Cupid is holding, it shows that Venus is truly in love with herself and her beauty. This painting shows correct proportion for both characters. The lighting also creates a dramatic scene and perfect values in both characters and the background.
As the title suggests, Cupid is wounding Psyche with on of his love arrows. Other small cupid creatures hover and surround Cupid and Psyche. This helps move the eye to the center of the painting. The edge of the painting is dark and at the center, it gets lighter. This also helps with the movement.
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