Autumn Day

Autumn is a season which prepares nature for harsh whether that’s coming which is Winter. In this time of preparing plants change in to many vibrant, bold and warm colours like reds, oranges and yellows. Autumn brings glorious sunrises and sunsets that shine through the Autumn leafs. I chose Autumn season as my theme for this gallery as it displays various colours, tones textures and materials to portray and picturing this theme. This emphasizes to the audience a reflective and peaceful Autumn setting as well as achieving to portray autumn as the theme.                                                                                                                                              In my exhibition, I have 15 artworks which consists of many common characteristics and features. The artworks chosen for the exhibition are related and similar because they share the same theme and repeat common techniques, materials, colours, tones and emotions. For example, the painting Oiarse Ravine (Autumn) by Okuda Gensō and the painting Late Autumn Day in The Jagersborg Deer Park created by Theodor Philipsen, both show that a majority of these artworks in my exhibition are related and are similar to each other, the main reason being that they are created and inspired from the theme of The Autumn Season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Post Modern frame This evidences the postmodern frame because it shows the imitation and parody of wild life and people living in the season of autumn
Structural frame This work evidences the Structural Frame because this shows the different tones, textures and colour as it brings out the symbolic feeling of an autumn day.
Cultural Frame This evidences the cultural frame because the identity of society in autumn through different races and class as time and place changes the way we may see autumn.
Subjective Frame This work evidences the Subjective Frame because this brings a reflective and personal feeling of watching the sun hit the autumn leafs that hangs off the trees.
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